Kitchen Experiments

Now, I am no culinary expert. The closest thing I have to culinary expertise is having a boyfriend who graduated with a Culinary Arts degree. 😉 Just the same, I like to think I am not totally helpless either since I can whip up a couple dishes and feed the family if need be. My tuna spaghetti was decent enough for said finicky boyfriend to eat a whole serving without complaining (I don’t want to think he didn’t complain just because he loves me too much to hurt my fragile ego 😛 ).

Anywho, baking has always been one of my biggest frustrations. Having no functioning oven is a big hindrance. Tsk. Oh well. Since the stuff I wanna bake are mostly of the sweet variety (dessert and pastries) I content myself for now with making no-bake goodies. Most recipes call for a lot of mixing and since I have no blender, food processor or electric mixer, I do all the mixing manually. Good workout for the arms, I tell you. 😉 But the other week, a cousin gave me an electric hand blender, bless her good heart!

Selecline hand mixer

So naturally, I was so totally itching to try it. I had the opportunity when we made leche flan last week for the fiesta. I was able to use it and it totally made the mixing easier. The resulting custard turned out smooth and we couldn’t be happier! 😀

Feeling kinda adventurous restless last night, I decided to forage into the pantry and see what I could literally whip up with my mixer. I ended up doing torta which turned out as omelettes. 😀 It’s funny really, since I have attempted to make omelettes before, but it wouldn’t hold its shape so I was left with something in between scrambled eggs and torta. Frustrating. Last night, I was resigned to making sausage torta. But when I tried to flip it, it just folded in half and held its shape. I was in wonder–so much that I nearly let it burn as I just stood there gaping. 😛

sausage omelettesAs you can see, my ahem, omelettes look nowhere near perfect though I must say the eggs were beaten well into submission. I added some of the barbecue sauce from the sausage and I guess I should have put in a bit more since it gave the omelette a rather interesting flavor. Maybe next time. It was actually yummy and Francine nearly finished one by herself. Based on that alone, I consider the whole thing a resounding success! 😀

However, the night was still young and I was still hyper as ever. I made barako coffee ice cubes in the afternoon for the sole purpose of using it to make a coffee-based shake or slushee or something last night. Much as I wanted to follow the myriad recipes I saved to my Pocket app, I was severely limited by whatever ingredients I could find on hand. So several spoonfuls of condensed milk, an ice cream stick (sans the stick of course), some leftover chocolate chips and a bit of water later, I had myself a cup of mocha chocolate chip frappé.

homemade mocha chocolate chip frappeOnce more, my dear daughter liked it thank God! So much that she kept the cup to herself after letting me take a coupla sips. She even asked for more after she finished, but alas, there’s no more ice cream!

I mentioned that I made barako coffee ice cubes. I kept the used grounds and added honey to make an all-natural scrub. I used some of it this morning on my face. The grounds were quite gritty and a bit coarse so I had to take care to scrub very, very gently. Still, I liked the way my skin felt after. The honey acted as moisturizer too so my face didn’t feel dry even after scrubbing. Not bad, though I would probably use it a maximum of just twice a week since it was a little too good at exfoliation. 😉

How about you, what are your latest kitchen adventures? 🙂

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