Impromptu ROMWE purchase

So once more I got carried away by what I read in blogs. 😛 Specifically, from Fashion Eggplant. I just got myself a gorgeous black lace blouse from ROMWE. She has a giveaway btw, in case you’re interested. The prize is the same item I bought:

ROMWE Hollow-out Lace Crochet Black Blouse

I have been reading about ROMWE for sometime now in various Philippine fashion blogs (especially Tricia Gosingtian’s and Camille Co’s). The clothes are nice, but since I am not really a fashionista even in the loosest sense and live in my shirt and jeans, I was never really all that tempted to buy anything. But then I saw this at Fashion Eggplant:

ROMWE Hollow-out Lace Crochet Black BlouseI really like the blouse. It’s a bit lot more fasyon than my usual style, but I think I could rock it. You simply can’t go wrong with black, right? Unfortunately, I couldn’t join the giveaway because of some network restriction (bummer!) so I contemplated simply buying it instead. I am not exactly the luckiest person at raffles anyway. 😛

I have some leftover Paypal balance I cannot use for local purchases because of the USD currency which I was saving for a Tmart haul. But since I was less than satisfied with my first Tmart shopping experience, I decided to just use the money for this instead. You don’t get a deal like this too often anyway, so grab the opportunity, right? I used the 10offblacklace coupon and got an additional 10% off, bringing my total down to just $10.79! Shipping’s free as well so I am one happy kid. 😀

Anywho, here are some details of the blouse:

Photo from ROMWE website

Pretty, ain’t it? 🙂 It shouldn’t be too hot to wear in this weather even if it has long sleeves since the material is all but sheer except for the designs. It would make a nice cover up at the beach too–though not applicable in my case since I wear a rash guard instead of a bikini and think how ridiculous that would look. 😛

It would probably take a month to get here if my experience with my Tmart purchases is anything to go by. Hopefully I won’t get charged P50 by the postman again. 🙂

How about you, do you shop at ROMWE too? What items have you bought?

18 thoughts on “Impromptu ROMWE purchase

    • I think it only comes in black and white, but for now I am happy with the color I got. Besides, I am not even sure it would fit me to go all out and get it in different colors. 😛


  1. One thing that is preventing me from purchasing from Romwe is the thought that I have to pay for the shipping. Glad to know that I don’t have to. Will scour their site now! 😀


    • That’s why I only buy from international sites with free worldwide shipping. 😀 So far, I have only shopped at Tmart and ROMWE. Any other shopping sites you know that offer free shipping?


    • Yup, no shipping fee. 🙂 I didn’t pay anything when my Tmart purchases arrived (delivered by the mailman) so hopefully same case with this. Otherwise, P50 is better than being taxed on top of that fee. 😉


  2. I’m glad for our own philpost. Hindi hassle mag padala. But i’m wary towards clothes bought online baka kasi di mag fit or di maganda ang fitting, which is the reason why I like to buy on a real store. sayang! it looks cool.

    Leah @ Curiousweekends


    • Actually, sugal din pagkabili ko nito. I am not sure if it would even fit. 😀 Haha. But if the measurements are accurate, it should fit, at the most a bit snug. *fingers and toes crossed*


  3. Customs/EMS/PhilPost of our country sucks! If you’ll get you item from ROMWE without paying extra fees, I might try shopping there. 🙂


    • It’s just one blouse so it should fit into a standard small envelop, hopefully not raising any flags that it’s something expensive and taxable. That way, if I ever have to pay for postage it’ll just be the standard P50.


  4. Try din. I’m surprised that you were only charged P50 for your previous package – was it via PhilPost? My sis sent over a blouse for my Mom from Australia last month and we had to pay almost P4k at PhilPost just to claim it! That really made me think twice about having brand new stuff sent over if not via couriers like LBC or DHL.


    • Whoa! P4k for just a blouse? Or was it several items in a package? I only bought a coupla ear cuffs from Tmart so they fit into a small padded envelop, just a little wider than your usual envelop. For small packages like that, I only pay P50. One time I bought earphones from HK and I also paid P50 when the mailman brought it to the house. But for some reason, that fee was waived when the Tmart purchases arrived.


  5. Yeah, gorgeous top! Tapos rock it with super red lipstick!!! I read about ROMWE na rin before. I miss online shopping for clothes. Been to skin care and makeup products these days kasi lolz. OOTD soon, mmmkay?

    PS. color white ang font color mo dito:
    Notify me of follow-up comments via email.
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    ~had to highlight kanina para makita hehehe.


    • First things first: I hope this fits me. 😛 If I can come up wth an OOTD-worthy outfit with this, I will surely post about it.

      Oh, and sorry but sadly I don’t think I can change the font color of that part since it’s a default WP widget. The others I was able to change since they’re just basic text HTML widgets. WP is pretty restrictive about customizing some of the blog elements. 😦


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