Of Delinquent Motorists, Fast Cars and Remembrance

Wow. First time ko mabangga ng motor. Hopefully the last time too. At si Kuya pa ang galit. Kasalanan ko daw at dire-direcho ako. Hello, kaya ako tumawid ng daan kasi nagbigay na yung dadaang jeep. Siya ang kaskas na. Tangina, buti hindi si Francine ang nadali, at hawak ko katabi. Was too shocked to do anything coherent, sana nakuha ko lisensya nya at napa-barangay man lang. Pero wala, nakaalis na din. Ang Diyos na bahala sa kanya.

So goes my FB status earlier. I was more shocked than hurt, really. Thankfully (and miraculously) I didn’t even get a single bruise or scratch on my person despite the jarring impact on my right hip and graze on my foot. And more importantly, Francine and Mama (who were on my left side) were unharmed. I honestly didn’t even know a motorcycle was in that lane until I was knocked forward. I guess he was able to brake at the last possible second since I was not thrown off my footing, otherwise I would have been thrown off.

But curiously, when I got hit (and didn’t even know it until I felt the motorcycle upon me), it was like my whole body stiffened into a shield of sorts for Francine who was holding on to my left hand. I can’t even say it was a mother’s instinct that did that since I wasn’t even aware of the danger in the first place. I’d like to think there was a touch of divine intervention there which fortified my constitution and prevented me from being knocked over and consequently taking my daughter to the ground with me. I can only thank God that we got out of it unscathed.

I was shaken but maintained a strong front for my mother, who was naturally worried. So to give my mind some time to process, I watched Furious 7 after that. Thankfully we got there just in time for the next screening.

On a happier but more melancholy note, FF7 blew me away. I was laughing and crying and hanging on to my seat the whole movie. Roman never fails to elicit laughs from the audience and he was no different this time around. Tender moments between Dom and Letty had me tearing up and Paul Walker.. I practically bawled during the last tribute at the end of the movie. And cried more than a little during his scenes with Mia. And all through the action scenes, held my breath for fear of seeing Brian O’Conner getting killed. Mercifully, his character was only retired to his beautiful family instead of meeting a grisly, action-packed death. It was the perfect way to end it and pay tribute to the man that was, onscreen and off. And up to now I’m still crying #ForPaul like I really just lost a good friend. Or, as Dom keeps saying, family. Rest in peace, brother.

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