Running Plans 2015

So I finished my first marathon almost a week ago. While I did originally plan to continue running as a fitness regimen, I guess I still wanted to run another marathon. And looking for upcoming runs, I came across a couple that would be held in the nearby Lipa City. And wouldn’t you know it, they’re just a whole week apart. 😀 First up:

lipa-color-run-2015I actually wasn’t the one who first knew about this but Cha, a friend I met at the Run For Juan marathon. She tagged me, together with other running friends. There’s another Color Run in January and I think it would be fun to join, but it will be held at BGC which is more than a coupla hours’ worth of travel from home, so, thanks, but no thanks. I ain’t going there in the middle of the friggin’ night just so I could run in the morning. But I digress. I’m going to Lipa City in the morning so I’m planning to inquire and perhaps register if they’d let me before the official start of registration. Excited much, right? 😛

And the other marathon the week after the Lipa Color Run is:

Philhealth-Run-2015-PosterI’ve already inquired at the local PhilHealth office but was informed that registration there hasn’t begun yet. Apparently, they’re still waiting for the go-signal from DSWD. But the nice staff I talked to got my number so they could inform me when we could start registering. Not bad.

Both marathons, we’re aiming for 5K this time. The 3K run we joined the last time seemed a bit bitin after so it’s probably safe to say our bodies could probably take on more punishment physical strain for the 5K run. Right? We’ll see I guess. It’s holiday season so I reckon we wouldn’t be getting much running, but come January we’ll start training in earnest. Keeping my fingers crossed.

Oh, and excited creature that I am, I have already penned them in into my new 2015 planner. 😀 As planned earlier, I got an el cheapo planner from National Bookstore. It cost a grand total of P49.75, is barely wider than my wallet, but has enough writing space (I have tiny handwriting for the record) plus a coupla neat extras like an Expenses Tracker and an old school directory. Should be more than enough to cover my planning date tracking needs.

But enough segway. So, anyone else wants to join us? 🙂

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