Runner’s High?

031215 Red Cross MVR3

The Red Cross Run For Humanity 2015 last Sunday was my fourth fun run. Before that there was Run For Juan last December, then GK-BSU Unity Fun Run and Lipa Color Run last month. The first one I was in the 3k category then 5k in the succeeding races (although the Red Cross race turned out to be almost 7k in actual based on my relatively accurate running app).

031215 Red Cross MVR3 stats

I don’t practice run as much nowadays, but then I’m playing volleyball at least twice a week for the past few weeks and I figure that’s as much cardio exercise I need for the races. But that’s just me and my lazy tendencies. 😛 Truth is I don’t really know why I keep running. Being a naturally sloth-like person, I am not really the type to push myself hard physically. And man, I don’t much like the way my throat and lungs burn when I run. Or the way I sometimes end up in coughing fits when I breathe out of my mouth when running. But I still run anyway.

Maybe because running is (for me) an intensely personal pursuit? I mean, when you run it’s just you and the road/trail/path before you. Well, when you’re not running with a group anyway and I don’t. I run with friends but once the race begins it’s usually each man for himself. But bottom line is running is me-time; it’s not work-related, I don’t have a kid to mind.. you get the drift. I guess it’s really because my solitary tendencies are making a play right there. Not sure if that makes sense, but there you go.

Anywho, I plan to run at least once a month for the whole year, circumstances permitting. So far I’ve seen some awesome races for April, but all are in the Manila area and it would be such a hassle travelling a coupla hours that early for the race (and admittedly, I am not a morning person at all). Tsk. One downfall of living in the boondocks. Still, this is too awesome to pass up:

All Star Fun Run

Again, awesome. Right? 😀 Looks like a lot of fun, from the singlet and costume to the finisher medals. And I really don’t know if there’d be another race like this so might as well grab the chance and join, right? 😀 How about you? Let’s run!

splat siggy

2 thoughts on “Runner’s High?

  1. “I run with friends but once the race begins it’s usually each man for himself” — haha I get that! I’ve only tried a few fun runs because of friends, but I don’t actually like to have to wait (or have someone waiting for me). Kanya kanya na! I’m not a fan of running but I admit it has a certain calming effect when I’m not totally out of breath and in stitches. xD Cheers to fitness!


    • Cheers! 😀 I haven’t run in a long time, but I’ve registered for the local Milo fun run next month. I’m going with some friends from the office. We’re all pretty much out of shape (lol) but still, I wanna try to at least hit my average pace before. So kanya kanya muna during the run. 😛


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