Recipe: Easy First-Time Carbonara

So, as the title suggests, this is my first time to cook spaghetti carbonara. Like, ever. I have several recipes saved in my Pocket app, most of them employing the use of bacon. But since there’s none to be found in the house at the moment (and I can hardly use tocino as a substitute) just as I had an intense craving for carbonara (sorely tempted by a Facebook photo I saw), I just made do with good old Vienna sausage. 😀 Oh and I didn’t really follow any of those saved recipes, I used the recipe at the back of the pasta sauce’s pack. And tweaked it as I deemed fit and substituted what’s in the kitchen. The resulting pasta dish was not too bad, so I thought I might as well share it here. 😉

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Francine & Anna of Arendelle

Kitchen Experiments

Now, I am no culinary expert. The closest thing I have to culinary expertise is having a boyfriend who graduated with a Culinary Arts degree. 😉 Just the same, I like to think I am not totally helpless either since I can whip up a couple dishes and feed the family if need be. My tuna spaghetti was decent enough for said finicky boyfriend to eat a whole serving without complaining (I don’t want to think he didn’t complain just because he loves me too much to hurt my fragile ego 😛 ).

Anywho, baking has always been one of my biggest frustrations. Having no functioning oven is a big hindrance. Tsk. Oh well. Since the stuff I wanna bake are mostly of the sweet variety (dessert and pastries) I content myself for now with making no-bake goodies. Most recipes call for a lot of mixing and since I have no blender, food processor or electric mixer, I do all the mixing manually. Good workout for the arms, I tell you. 😉 But the other week, a cousin gave me an electric hand blender, bless her good heart!

Selecline hand mixer

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