A Doll for my Doll

So. December. In a couple more weeks it’ll be Christmas. Even the weather is somehow cooperating and it’s a bit cooler nowadays. I’m sure a lot of you have done a fair bit of Christmas shopping–though that ordeal is most probably still far from over, right? I’ve bought a coupla things here and there for the fam bam, but I still haven’t gotten around to buying my gifts for Francine. Aside from the Tote & Go laptop in my prior post, I am planning to give her a stuffed Nemo plush and maybe a Mariposa Barbie doll (both are characters from her favorite movies):

Barbie Mariposa

The doll costs P1,799.75 at Toy Kingdom last I checked. Too bad I missed the sale the other week. Tsk. But. Richwell Club has an ongoing promo/contest and I pray and hope to win this doll for Francine:

Richwell Club promo

Keeping my fingers crossed! 😀 Coincidentally, the Philippine distributor of Barbie dolls, RICHPRIME GLOBAL INC. was also a partner at Blogapalooza 2013. I got a loot bag from their booth, with a coupla packs of toys for Francine. Here’s their booth then:

#Blogapalooza toys

The Barbie Mariposa doll was on display. Even then I was already planning to get one for Francine for Christmas. Is this a sign then? 😉

For the record, no, this is not a sponsored post. 🙂

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