Planning early for 2014

Truth be told, I am actually a very lazy writer. That is, I am not much for handwriting. If it can be typed or photographed, then I am not breaking out pen and paper for it. Still, that does not stop me from liking and acquiring numerous planners throughout the years. For 2014, I got this planner (as planned in one of my prior posts) a few weeks back:

Everything Is Possible planner

I got it from National Bookstore for P598. A bit expensive if you ask me, but still not quite as expensive as a Starbucks planner. πŸ˜‰ Anywho, it’s worth it with the colorful hardbound cover, decent quality paper and all the extra features. It’s really geared for the goal-setter–or at least those wanting or trying to be one. Aside from the requisite calendar and itinerary pages, there’s a slew of goal-setting stuff at the beginning. I like that it makes even humongous goals seem easier by guiding you through the process of realistically attaining it and even working around perceived hindrances. The planner as a whole is just brimming with positivity and possibility. It makes me look forward to the coming year with a smile, knowing that Everything Is Possible. πŸ™‚

Still, much as I love this planner I am also collecting stickers for the 2014 Starbucks planner. Which, coincidentally, was also on my -BER Wishlist. πŸ˜‰ As of today, I have 13 stickers. Just 5 more to go: 1 core drink and 4 Christmas drinks (all of which would most probably be Peppermint Mocha Frappe). Plenty of time left before Christmas to complete them, and hopefully I won’t have to sprig for all the remaining drinks. *fingers crossed*

How about you, do you like planners too? Have you already got one (or more) for 2014? Do let me know! πŸ™‚

10 thoughts on “Planning early for 2014

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  2. Ohhh, I never saw this at National Bookstore here. Sana pala I requested this nalang from my Secret Santa. But I’m not complaining kasi I got a planner pa rin… the generic Executive Planner type pero I requested for the big one. Hehe! Time to organize myself since I tend to mix up deadlines lately. πŸ™‚ Merry Christmas, Nathalie!


  3. Belle de jour planners are really nice even if they are expensive. It’s worth the price! Especially this “Everything is possible” planner. Good luck to your 2014 planning sis! πŸ™‚


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  5. I don’t usually buy expensive planners as I am quite stingy, i just use old notebooks. I think its high time i start one to manage my time and goals better, yes may be with inspiring quotes too para I won’t get lazy din, hehe. Mahanap nga yan.


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