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As I said in a prior post, I am planning to replace my now-defunct Kindle keyboard with an All-New Kindle Paperwhite. It costs $119 (WiFi with special offers) equating to roughly P5,200 with the current rate of conversion. The cheapest I have found locally is P6,800 or P7,700 with generic black cover or P9,200 with original Amazon cover, all from NKRX. I was almost all set to buy a Kindle and just a cheap generic sleeve from the mall instead of a dedicated cover to save on cost. But then, a college friend informed me that she got her Kindle Paperwhite and cover for just roughly P6,200 directly from Amazon. And it just so happened that she and some workmates are gonna be taking advantage of Black Friday Sale and Cyber Monday Deals at Amazon so I could order along with them, and save on shipping as well. You could say I am one happy kid! 😀

I immediately looked for a cover to go along with the Kindle. I initially wanted to get an original Amazon cover for $39.99 because for some reason I could not find a cheaper but still decent cover that I like. But upon looking again last night, I finally found one that I liked and is actually quite cheap:

Purple SPARIN (TM) Folio Case Cover for Amazon Kindle Paperwhite and All-New Kindle Paperwhite Book Style with Auto Sleep-Wake Feature

Yeah, I got the cover in purple as usual. My friend was kinda surprised since she figured I’d go for black everytime, black being my favorite color (or non-color if you wanna get technical) after all. But I figured since most of my gadgets are black anyway I might as well get something colored to accessorize and keep it from getting all boring. 😉

And speaking of purple. Since I’m gonna be saving up a bit on the Kindle and cover (versus what I would spend if I buy them locally), a quick mental calculation revealed that I could still swig a pair of Doc Martens that could be included in the same shipment as well! 😀 So in a right state of giddyness I went ahead and ordered this as well:

Doc Martens Pascal in Purple Spectra Patent

While I won’t exactly be wearing this everyday (it’s not exactly what you’d consider work-appropriate), I don’t know when I’ll have the chance again to buy a pair at this price with minimal shipping fee as well. Okay, so that’s just me trying to justify buying the boots, which do not fall under the category of need. Unlike the Kindle which is an integral part of my nervous system. 😉 Still, that counts for one life frustration fulfilled! 😀

Oh, and browsing on Amazon, I also found this for Francine:

Vtech Tote & Go Laptop - Orange

I found a pink version of the same toy first, but when I saw this and consulted her Daddy he told me to get the orange one instead. Puro pink na daw si Ineng. 😛 Oh well. In any case, it’s a very good deal since toys like this cost upward of P2,000 at Toy Kingdom and converted to Philippine Peso (with some approximation for shipping) it would only cost me roughly P500. How’s that for savings? 😀

Thing is, they won’t arrive until early January. Waiting that long is quite a challenge on my part, since I have a very short supply of patience. It would definitely test my EQ big time. 😀

8 thoughts on “Online Shopping at Amazon

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  3. Wow! That’s a lot of shopping. You got a great deal on your new Amazon Kindle. Up until now, I’m reading ebooks using my Samsung S3 Mini because I’m too “kuripot” to buy an ebook reader.


    • Much as I want to be contented reading on my phone, I am way too voracious a reader to strain my eyes that much staring for too long at a lighted screen. I need an e-ink reader if I am to have some hope of minimizing the damage to my eyes brought about by reading. 😉


  4. Great deals you got there! I suppose I’ll do the same when the time comes for me to replace my current Kindle. Good luck with the long waiting period! 😉


    • Thanks! I’ll probably be bouncing off the walls if I don’t manage to distract myself while waiting. Lol. Hopefully your Kindle will last you a bit longer than mine did, save you the heartache and all.


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