Blogger Business Card

blogger business cards

As I mentioned in my last post, I will be attending Blogapalooza 2013 tomorrow. 🙂 In anticipation of meeting all those wonderful people at the event, I went ahead and made blogger business cards. Thankfully there are some helpful blog posts (like this and this) about what info to put in so it made the process a bit easier. The design is simple enough, but took me the better part of two hours to finalize, mainly because I have no idea of what I want it to look like. In the end, I fell back on my trademark stark monochromatic scheme. I only used a different color for the URL to break the monotony and at the same time call attention to it. And yeah, I made a QR code for the blog too since I saw that some of the business cards have them. Gaya-gaya lang ang peg. 😛 Haha. I made mine from the QRStuff website.

So, are you going too? Say hi if you see me there! 🙂

6 thoughts on “Blogger Business Card

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  2. Hi Natalie! Sayang di kita nakita! 😦 I was going around alone, since I didn’t really know who to look for.
    Anyway I hope you had fun! Sana next year makita na kita. And I hope I could also give out some business cards next year! He he! 😀 Cute!


    • Awww, sayang naman! I was able to make plans to meet some other bloggers (from GT) so we walked around as a small group since we didn’t know any other bloggers. 😛 Haha. Hope to meet you next year! 😀


    • Hope to see you too sis! Dunno what time I’ll get there, probably around lunchtime or so. I kinda stressed about what to wear too, but in the end I decided to just stick with something comfy and ME. Anyway I’m not really a fashion blogger so what the hell, right? 😉


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