My Brave Little Mermaid

So we went swimming in a nearby resort last Wednesday. Needless to say, a certain little girl was chuffed. 😉

swimming Francine

Francine loves the water. During our first summer outing, she preferred to go roaming around the pool unassisted by me. She can reach the pool floor on tiptoes with just her head above the water and somehow that’s enough for her to feel quite independent and comfortable in the pool. 😉

Same thing this time. The photo above was in the adult pool and she couldn’t reach the bottom that’s why I was holding her up while she channels her inner Dyesebel. But when we transferred to the kiddie pool, she left me sitting on the stairs while she bravely waded around the pool by herself, regardless of the other bigger kids also playing around who could potentially knock her down. Such heart. And when she went back to me, it’s with a self-satisfied exclamation of “Ang galing ko talaga!”. Seriously, she really said that! “Mana sa Daddy,” the guy remarked proudly when I told him about it after. Geez. Such humility. 😛

Inn-land kiddie poolPhoto from here.

That’s the kiddie pool I was talking about. And see that slide? My brave little girl practically dragged me to take her on the slide. Now, I have nothing against pool slides; in fact, I love the adrenaline rush. But with a little kid in tow, my little kid? It was a terrifying prospect for me. But indulgent mother that I am, I gave in anyway. Bit back my rising panic as she climbed the stairs, refusing any and all of my offers to hold her steady. No ma’am, she had to go by herself, assert her independence right then and there. Lord Jesus. Of course, I hovered anyway like any self-respecting parent would do in that situation. 😀

Twice, I went before her then caught her at the bottom of the slide. The third time, she wouldn’t let me go first. She wanted to have a go at it together. I was terrified. Who would catch her? The pool is shallow enough, but still. But of course, she wouldn’t take no for an answer. So off we went with her on my lap, me praying the whole short time we were going down. And then, BAM! I hit the pool floor on my backside and then I really panicked as I thrust her up as high as I could towards the surface. Turns out I needn’t have worried. I was the one who got hurt, but thankfully she was just fine. No trauma or anything, and still wouldn’t get out of the sun and the water. As for me though, up to now my butt still kinda hurts when I get up suddenly or something. Geez. The things you endure for your kid.

At almost 3 years old (2 years and 10 months to be exact), it seems too early for her to be asserting this much independence. But at the same time it makes me proud of her strong sense of self-reliance. It gives me hope that she’d turn out just fine, that she’d pave her own way with or without help.

7 thoughts on “My Brave Little Mermaid

    • Thanks sis! That’s nice, that Ivy can already swim. 🙂 I was looking for swimming lessons for Francine, but so far the local swim classes don’t admit anyone of her young age.


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