A whole lotta Planning for the coming Year

So, like I said in my previous post, I got myself the Everything Is Possible planner. And just the other day, I managed to complete the required stickers for a 2014 Starbucks planner as well. Wheee! 😀 I got mine in magenta:

2014 Starbucks Planner in magenta

It actually looks more purpleish in real life. And I don’t know why the code in the box says it’s RED when it’s clearly not. 😛 Oh well.

So. Now I have two gorgeous planners for 2014. I really must have a lot of things to plan, eh? We’ll see. I am forever on a mission to organize my life and I usually start off right but then get disinterested as time goes by. The Tagalog term for that would be ningas-kugon. For the coming year, one of my most prioritized resolutions is not falling into that trap once more. Gotta finish what I started, no matter how tedious it may be or how bored I may get. I got the Everything Is Possible planner to specifically address that issue. With all that motivation and positivity spilling out of its pages, I simply have no reason to slack off and all.

On the other hand, getting the Starbucks planner was more of a (rather expensive) whim. 😛 For a coupla years now I have started collecting stickers but never managed to complete a set until now. It took a matter of sheer determination and creative financing (and some begging for stickers too) to finally achieve that much-coveted prize. 😉 And yeah, it feels good. Makes me feel that anything is just about possible, you know? But contrary to it being a planner, I intend to use it as a hybrid planner/journal instead. If the Everything Is Possible planner is for my goals and such, this one is for the everyday stuff. And since I am more of an introvert and have a not-very-exciting social life to require a by the hour itinerary, I figured I’d use all that space for documenting the little stuff worth remembering, like Francine’s antics and wise-ass comments. 😉

How about you, do you re-purpose planners as well? 😉

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