Goodbye, Friend

It’s no secret online or off that I am an incurable bookworm. About 95% of my tweets are status updates of my reading progress on Goodreads. There is even a widget on the footer of this blog for displaying the cover of whatever book I am currently reading. I am forever on the lookout for new titles and sequels to the book series I like. I forego precious sleep when I am too engrossed in what I’m reading. But my (book) world came crashing down when this happened:

112013 Kindle Keyboard - LCD damaged

Yes, the LCD got damaged. I am not even exactly sure how it happened since I was reading right before it got damaged. I just stopped reading to eat dinner and when I came back the screen is already like this. I tried resetting it several times in the hopes that maybe it’s just a bad refresh or something, all to no avail. After a few minutes, I had to accept the fact that my beloved Kindle is gone. 😦

Still, I asked around if it could still be repaired. But the general consensus among other Kindle users is that it’s already damaged beyond repair. Or the cost of repair would be almost equal to the cost of a new unit. Awww. Either way, I’m fucked. So now I’m stuck reading on my phone because I was in the middle of Allegiant when this happened and of course, I must go on reading the story. Addict, I know.

The loss of my Kindle (so to speak) depressed me more than I expected. It was after all a gift from him right before I gave birth to Francine, because he knew how much I love reading. It’s been with me everyday since then, always just within my reach. It’s practically an integral part of my nervous system. I almost never go out of the house without it because who knows, I might have some spare minutes to read while at a queue or something, right? I was never one to pass up a chance to read anywhere–even in the loo. TMI I know, sorry, but that’s just the way it is with me. So it was really quite a blow when this happened. 😦

So it looks like I won’t be getting myself the purple Doc Martens (for now) to prioritize getting a new Kindle instead. Since the Kindle Keyboard (also known as Kindle 3) is already phased out twice over (the current model is already the Kindle 5), I am getting a Kindle Paperwhite instead:

Kindle Paperwhite

Truth is I have been planning to upgrade to this one since it came out, but if and only if my old Kindle Keyboard is already unusable. Clearly, I wasn’t expecting to upgrade this soon (though my old one’s two years old already) but now I have no reason not to. Just waiting for my 13th month pay so I could get my hands on one. Will most probably buy from NKRX again, where I bought the first one. The cheapest second generation Kindle Paperwhite I have seen so far is P6,800 (plus shipping) from the same seller. I was thinking maybe it would be cheaper to get one directly from Amazon then have Johnny Air Cargo ship it to me, but it seems a bit too much hassle and by my computation (which I’m not sure is correct) I’d be paying almost the same amount overall. If you happen to know exactly how much they currently charge for shipping a Kindle to the Philippines, please do let me know.

7 thoughts on “Goodbye, Friend

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  2. Oh no! I’m also using a Kindle keyboard and this is actually one of my fears. I’ve accidentally dropped and sat on my Kindle before so I’m not going to be surprised if it suddenly dies on me. But I’m sure it’ll be one painfully sad experience. I hope you get your Paperwhite soon (also bought my Kindle from NKRX). 🙂


    • It is indeed gonna be one painfully sad experience if you’re anywhere near as addicted as I was to my Kindle. 😦 I hope yours last for much longer than mine did. I might order straight from Amazon this time, to be shipped through a friend’s package. It would take a month or so to arrive though, but would cost me considerably less than local resellers’ prices (no offense to them) even with a cover thrown in for good measure. I just am not sure if my EQ is high enough for that kind of delayed gratification for the sake of cost cutting. 😛


  3. This is so sad. I am a bookworm myself. I always have a paperback or my tab in my bag and Im sure I would freak out if ever somthing like this would happen to me.
    Hmmm, I might check out Allegiant for myself.
    Im glad I discovered your blog. Following you now. 🙂


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